PHP Directory Listing

Last update: 2012-05-27


PHP Directory Listing is a simple PHP script that will do just that, list a directory (and in a clean and simple fashion).

To use it, just unpack and put the contents of the php-directory-listing-<VERSION> folder either directly into the directory you want listed, or somewhere completely different and link index.php from there. In that latter case, the $url variable at the beginning of index.php will have to be set to the full URL which it can be found under.

Note: This project remains mostly "as is"; it does for me what I need it to do and new features or bug fixes will only be done if somebody asks for it, or on occasion if I feel like it. You're of course free to work on it yourself as well, and I'll happily incorporate any changes sent my way. If you're looking for a more featureful directory listing, you might want to take a look at Eugen Wirz' pdirl - he even includes a ready-made .htaccess file, which I figure might come in handy for all those running Apache.


This is Free Software licensed under either the GNU General Public License, version 2.0 or the CreativeCommons BY-SA License, version 3.0.


There's two demos: the minimal and the gallery-style user interfaces.


Get the latest version. Or clone me on GitHub!


(Version 0.1 did not have any of the features like thumbnail creation or the column view with tiles which are the reason why I would like to make this available to the public and is thus not provided for download).

Known Issues/Limitations


I am user "sixtyfive" on free(code) and github.